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The Ohio National Guard Counterdrug Program provides support through highly skilled personnel to Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Based Organizations in order to enhance their efforts to counter the drug threat and anticipate, deter, and defeat the threat of illegal substances, trafficking and violence in Ohio.


We, the Soldiers and Airmen of the National Guard Counterdrug Program, will become the catalysts for synchronized cooperation between and among DoD and federal, state, and local agencies across the full spectrum of counterdrug homeland defense operations. By leveraging our unique military capabilities, national resources, and community focus we will play a central role in shaping our nation's response to drug and associated transnational security threats.

Who we are

Since 1989, National Guard Counterdrug Program, along with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), have performed interdiction and anti-drug activities in the fight against illicit drugs.

Across the nation there are approximately 2,297 Soldiers and Airmen that support local, state, and federal agencies preventing illicit drugs from being imported, manufactured and distributed.

Here in Ohio, the ONG CDP is made up of approximately 50 Soldiers and Airmen around the state that support 49 federal, state and local agencies within the state border in their fight to eliminate illicit drug abuse and educate the youth on healthy choices and living a drug-free life. Through these partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the Ohio National Guard directly supports criminal investigations connected to the illegal drug nexus.

The counterdrug (CD) program is executed by governors of 54 states/territories; supports strategic goals of Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD-CN&GT).

What we do

The Ohio National Guard Counterdrug program supports the fight against drugs through two primary efforts, analysis and civil operations.

Analyst Support

Analysts are located statewide and partner with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and support criminal investigations connected to the illegal drug nexus.

Nearly 50 Analysts combine their unique civilian skills with the broad spectrum of capabilities gained through their National Guard military service to help support the CDP . This allows them to pursue investigations related to all drugs, especially those involving opiate abuse. The analysts perform analysis, document exploitation, link analysis and case support to help them achieve their mission objectives combatting illegal drugs on the streets.

Drug Demand Reduction Outreach (DDRO)

Counterdrug Program Civil Operators provide support to community-based organizations and drug free coalitions throughout the state.

CDP Civil Operators are the perfect partner to help focus communities on strategies to educate youth and their parents about the dangers of all drugs, especially Rx drugs and Heroin. They embody the respect, discipline and potential of all kids who choose to make good life decisions and serve as positive role models for Ohio youth.

Ground Reconnaissance (GR)

GR operations utilize specially trained National Guard members to perform ground reconnaissance and observation of suspected illegal drug activity in support to and under the direct supervision of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Video by Staff Sgt. Michael Carden, Ohio National Guard Public Affairs

Members of the Ohio National Guard's Counterdrug Program partner with are schools to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention during Red Ribbon Week. Each year the CDP hands out red ribbons to raise awareness of the death and destruction caused by drugs in America.

Video by Staff Sgt. Michael Carden, Ohio National Guard Public Affairs

The ONG Counterdrug Program partners with the Drug Enforcement Administration and law enforcement across Ohio to take back unused prescription drugs before they find their way into the wrong hands.