The Ohio National Guard: Family Readiness and Warrior Support Program

Ohio National Guard Family Readiness and Warrior Support Program


Family Readiness Group

A Note from the Director ...

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish
and he’ll eat forever... ”

Our Family Readiness and Warrior Support programs are designed to teach Ohio’s Service Members and Families to be “good fishermen” – knowledgeable, aware of resources, adaptable, and networked to succeed and grow from the experiences unique to military culture.

In addition to providing information, our programs provide a platform to meet and relate to other Service Members and Families who understand the challenges and experiences of military life – and in particular, the challenges facing our geographically dispersed force.

Please consider investing the time to participate in the events our team has worked so hard to provide for you. The events are “world class” and I promise you will not be disappointed.

In an effort to provide this comprehensive menu of quality events, at times, only the event’s month and general location will be listed. As planning is completed and information becomes available, we will ensure that the information is communicated. Please visit regularly to find current information about listed events as well as to see what else is new in Family Readiness and Warrior Support.


Director, Ohio Family Readiness and Warrior Support

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