#KnowYourMil: Twins in the Guard

There are more than 40 sets of twins currently serving in the Ohio National Guard. Learn more about three sets of them — some who have just started their careers and others who have been serving for several years.

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Always together: Identical twins serve in same Air National Guard wing

Airguard members Lakota and Raven Hull pose for a photo.


Photo by Airman 1st Class Christi Richter,
179th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

With long black hair and tan skin, Raven and Sable “Lakota” Hull are real-life carbon copies of each other. They have similar mannerisms, many of the same friends and even sound alike when speaking. Telling them apart can seem impossible.


Mirror Image: Twins enlist in Ohio National Guard together

Isabella and Austin Galindo, of Massillon, Ohio, pose for a photo after enlisting.


Photo by Aaron Smith,
Ohio National Guard Public Affairs

Fraternal twins Austin and Isabella Galindo, of Massillon Ohio, began their military adventure by enlisting at the same time in June 2018, joining more than 40 other sets of twins currently serving in the Ohio National Guard.


Twins serve together for nearly 20 years at 178th Wing

Twins sit back to back for photo.


Photo by Airman 1st Class Amber Mullen,
178th Wing Public Affairs

With strikingly similar facial features, it is easy to see how one might confuse this set of identical twins. Senior Master Sgt. Tabatha King and Master Sgt. Tammy Remley have been serving together at the 178th Wing for the past 19 years.