ALL STORIES Since March 2020

03/20/2020   Ready when needed: Ohio National Guard’s history of supporting Ohio during times of emergency

03/25/2020   Operation Steady Resolve: Joint Task Force 37 helping Ohioans during COVID-19 pandemic

03/25/2020   Soldiers supporting food bank mission help rescue car crash victim

03/28/2020   Guard member ‘serving a greater purpose’

03/30/2020   Dayton-area food bank gets needed boost from its National Guard neighbors

03/31/2020   Doctor helps keep Guard members safe to serve

03/31/2020   178th Wing analysts collecting critical information during COVID-19 response

04/02/2020   Ohioans give back: Time at home means time to help

04/03/2020   From relying on food to delivering it: Ohio National Guard Soldier shares story of becoming U.S. citizen

04/03/2020   Serving Compassion: Ohio National Guard Support Critical to Local Food Banks, Communities

04/07/2020   Ohio National Guard’s Joint Engineer Assessment Teams evaluating potential alternate medical care facilities

04/08/2020   Time at home means time to help: Haskins resident makes masks to help frontline workers during COVID-19 pandemic

04/08/2020   Time at home means time to help: Haskins resident makes masks to help frontline workers during COVID-19 pandemic

04/20/2020   Ohio National Guard on front lines during COVID-19 pandemic: Soldiers, Airmen provide medical assistance at federal prison

04/12/2020   Community giving comes full circle with Easter baskets for those in need

04/20/2020   Guard members find Southeast Ohioans have always been #InThisTogether

04/21/2020   Ohio National Guard continue support of ODRC, provide temporary housing expansion

04/30/2020   Self-taught seamstress uses talents to sew masks for Ohio National Guard members, other front-line heroes

05/01/2020   Ohio Military Reserve helping collect PPE, medical donations during COVID-19 pandemic

05/06/2020   Chief, National Guard Bureau visits Ohio: Trip includes meeting with personnel supporting food banks during COVID-19 pandemic

05/07/2020   Easing the Burden: Ohio National Guard assists with mass food distribution event for citizens in need

05/07/2020   Ohio National Guard medical team augmenting staff at state prison

05/29/2020   178th Wing Airmen serve their community at the local food bank

06/11/2020   Ohio National Guard supports state veterans home residents, staff with COVID-19 testing

12/04/2020   ‘Time is of the essence’: Preparing for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

06/17/2020   Guard medics provide COVID-19 testing to local community members

06/28/2020   Ohio Guard members build bridges over language barriers at food bank

06/30/2020   Ohio Guard team provides lifeline for assisted living facility overwhelmed by COVID-19

07/01/2020   178th MDG Key Spouse Group volunteers to aid in mask refurbishment

07/13/2020   Ohio National Guard helps build urban farm to grow Columbus communities

07/20/2020   Ohio’s first female infantry officer serves on the front lines during COVID-19 pandemic

07/23/2020   #InThisTogether: Ohio’s COVID-19 response mission marks first comprehensive activation of state military assets

09/23/2020   Ohio National Guard food bank support mission extends into December

12/29/2020   First Ohio National Guard members get COVID-19 vaccine

01/13/2021   Ohio National Guard senior leaders lead by example in getting COVID-19 vaccinations

01/21/2021   Logistics team helps support COVID-19 relief efforts through PPE distribution mission

01/21/2021   Camaraderie, mentorship and lasting friendships: Guard members welcome new teammate during COVID-19 warehouse mission

02/11/2021   Ohio National Guard begins assisting with COVID-19 vaccinations

03/04/2021   Stepping up when needed: Rhoads reflects on time as JTF Fox commander

03/23/2021   Marking a year of COVID-19 mission support: Ohio National Guard continues to answer the call

03/25/2021   Dual-status commander unifies forces: Ohio National Guard general leading mass vaccination efforts in Cleveland

03/31/2021   ‘Mission first mentality’: Ohio National Guard, State Defense Force members complete corrections mission

07/21/2021   Ohio’s COVID-19 Community Vaccination Center completes successful mission

07.27.2021   Ohio National Guard, State Defense Force to scale back COVID-19 response

07/29/2021   Guard members complete mission to supply critical PPE during COVID-19 pandemic