Ohio Army National Guard State Command Chief Warrant Officer

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Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jay Stuckman


OFFICIAL PHOTO (5"X7" @ 300dpi)

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jay K. Stuckman

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jay Stuckman enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in March 1985. After completing basic combat training at Fort Knox, Ky. in August 1985, Stuckman graduated from Colonel Crawford High School in June 1986. Upon completion of advanced individual training at Fort Gordon, Ga. September 1986, he was assigned as a combat signaler, to Battery B, 1-136 Field Artillery, Ohio Army National Guard. In June 1987 Stuckman accepted a full-time position as a recruiter's aide, followed by assignment to Personnel Service Branch in 1988. Stuckman's next assignment was personnel records clerk with 4th Squadron, 107th Armored Cavalry Regiment in October 1989.


Appointed Warrant Officer, November 1993, Stuckman attended Initial Entry Rotary Wing Flight Training, and Aviation Warrant Officer Basic Course in 1993. Following graduation he was assigned to Detachment 1, Company N, 4/107th Armored Cavalry Regiment and served as a UH-1 Iroquois Pilot. In 1996 Stuckman transferred to Company A, 1st Battalion, 137th Assault Helicopter Battalion. Stuckman was selected as the full-time unit training officer for Co B 1-137th Aviation Regiment in 1999, where he served until his appointment to State Command Chief Warrant Officer for the Ohio Army National Guard. | READ BIOGRAPHY