Ohio Army National Guard Energy & Environmental Branch

POCs for Ohio Army National Guard's
environmental programs and policies.

The OHARNG is a dynamic organization comprised of men and women dedicated to fulfilling our federal, state, and community missions. Readiness of our units and our Soldiers is integral to each of these missions. Resources that provide and facilitate readiness are a top priority. Sustainable training facilities and lands are key among those resources. The OHARNG is committed to environmental stewardship at all of our facilities and within our communities.

Through sound environmental management, the OHARNG is committed to:

  • Assuring the sustainability and availability of training lands and facilities to enable Soldier training and unit readiness.
  • Looking to the Environmental Quality Control Committee as the primary means to set and review objectives, targets, and enable continual improvement.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Executing a formalized educational process that ensures Soldiers are informed of environmental program requirements and are able to execute individual and organizational responsibilities.
  • Continually improving upon pollution prevention and reduction strategies through the application of innovative processes.
  • Considering the environmental requirements and impacts in all planning processes relative to training, equipment fielding, and construction.

Adherence to these commitments and to the ISO 14001 standard is vital to OHARNG readiness and mission accomplishment and will be fully supported by the chain of command.

Energy consumption and natural resources conservation have a significant impact on mission sustainability and our ability to respond with ready units when called. The OHARNG has worked diligently since 2013 to reduce energy consumption and conserve natural resources by successfully implementing several energy reduction initiatives. These initiatives include:

  • Utilities Monitoring – Installation of 97 Advanced Meters with remote reporting capability: Completed 2020
  • Facility Energy Assessments - Energy Conservation Measures for 50 Ohio Army National Guard Facilities: Completed 2019
  • Implementation of a comprehensive Energy Management and Conservation Plan - NGOH-Pam 420-4 Energy and Water Conservation: Published 2019
  • Implementation of an Installation Energy and Water Plan (IEWP): Published 2020
  • Solar PV Repairs - 5 Inverters and 3 Solar Array systems repaired - Completed 2019
  • Phase 1 & 2 LED Lighting Upgrades at 5 OHARNG facilities: Completed 2019
  • Beightler Armory LED Light Upgrade: Completed 2021
  • Facility Energy Assessments - Energy Conservation Measures for 16 Ohio Army National Guard Facilities: Completed 2020
  • JCI Metasys Front End-Server Upgrades – Statewide: Completed 2023
  • Phase 4 LED Lighting Upgrades at 2 Ohio Army National Guard Facilities: Completed 2023
  • Phase 5 LED Lighting Upgrades at 4 Ohio Army National Guard Facilities: Completed 2023

We will continue to reduce energy consumption and conserve natural resources in 2023 and 2024 by undertaking the following initiatives:

  • Retro-Commissioning of 3 Facility HVAC Systems: 1 of 3 Completed, 2 In Progress
  • Phase 3 LED lighting Upgrades at 6 OHARNG facilities: 5 of 6 Completed, 1 In Progress
  • Phase 6 LED Upgrades: 3 of 6 Completed, 3 In Progress
  • Electrical Vehicle Policy Development: In Progress
  • Phase 1 Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Project, Ohio National Guard Headquarters: In Progress
  • Phase 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Expansion Project: In Development