Vol. 38, No. 4 ~ September-October 2020

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Members of the 52nd Civil Support Team (Weapons of Mass Destruction) decontaminate a simulated casualty after exposure to an unknown agent during an exercise Sept. 28, 2020, at the Fairfield County Airport in Carroll, Ohio. Each of the nearly 60 congressionally mandated civil support teams across the country is evaluated and validated every 18 months to ensure the team’s skills are up to the task of helping keep communities safe and protecting the homeland.

Soldiers pose in masks in front of Mid-Ohio Foodbank trucks at farm construction site.

Ohio National Guard food bank support mission extends into December

The Ohio National Guard continues to assist 14 food bank locations and warehouses across the state, with about 350 Guard members currently supporting the food bank mission. Federal funding for the National Guard response nationwide for COVID-19 missions has been extended into December.



Firefighter in front og US Air Force fire truck.

178th Wing Fire Emergency Services Airmen step up during COVID-19 pandemic

A firefighter assigned to the 178th Civil Engineering Squadron practices putting out an aircraft fire Aug. 13, 2019, at Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, Mich. Due to mission needs during the COVID-19 pandemic this year, several of the wing’s firefighters have performed additional duty by helping staff the wing’s emergency operations center.

Amsden in full gear, rifle in hand, doning an orange vest with the number 24, running on road during competition.

Ohio National Guard forward observer adjusts fire, hits it big

1-145th Soldier earns ARCENT NCO of Year title on deployment
Sgt. Aaron Amsden, a Soldier with 1st Battalion, 145th Armored Regiment, won a series of Best Warrior Competitions while deployed overseas to become the 2020 U.S. Army Central Command Noncommissioned Officer of the Year. The BWC recognizes Soldiers who demonstrate commitment to Army values, embody the warrior ethos and represent the force of the future.

Leadership Message

Our people ensure National Guard is ‘Always Ready, Always There’

Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson became the 29th chief of the National Guard Bureau in August, as nearly 30,000 National Guard members were supporting domestic operations across the United States. Hokanson says the historic, complex, large-scale domestic deployment of National Guard personnel, in addition to continued support of missions around the world, is due to a constant that “has not changed since the founding of our National Guard in 1636. And that is the incredible men and women in our formations.”



A look at some of the Soldiers, Airmen and civilians who make up the Ohio National Guard Family.

F-16s on tarmak in dark of morning.
180th Fighter Wing deploys F-16s in support of U.S. Central Command
Soldier sits at laptop in the dark.
Ohio’s cyber protection team hones critical skills during Cyber Shield 20
Humvee parked outside First Energy stadium.
Ohio National Guard augments security for Cleveland presidential debate
Mother with children in parking lot wave American flag and hold signs.
Soldiers of 1st Battalion, 145th Armored Regiment return home
A KC-135 Stratotankersits on the flight line during sunrise.
KC-135 sits on flight line at sunrise
Brig. Gen. Todd M. Audet and Col. James R. Camp walk across Tarmac.
Ohio Air National Guard brigadier general retires after three decades of service


Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineers

HOME STATION:  Port Clinton
PARENT UNIT:  200th Civil Engineering Squadron (Heavy Repair)
DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH:  25 September 1971, Port Clinton, Ohio

To provide a highly mobile, rapidly deployable, civil engineering response force that is self-sufficient to perform heavy damage repair required for recovery of critical Air Force facilities and utility systems, and aircraft launch and recovery. In addition, it accomplishes engineer support for bed down of weapon systems required to initiate and sustain operations in an austere bare base environment, including remote hostile locations, or locations in a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosives (CBRNE) prone environment.

Ohio Army National Guard 
323rd Military Police Company insignia
F-84F 'Thunderstreaks' fly over Etain, France.
Historical Highlight text

The Berlin Crisis

August 1961: In response to rising tensions with the Soviet Union over access to Berlin, President John F. Kennedy orders 148,000 Guard members and Reservists to active duty for the Berlin Crisis. The Ohio Air National Guard’s 121st Tactical Fighter Wing was ordered into active service on Oct. 1, along with four OHANG tactical fighter squadrons.