Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (ONGSP)


The new Ohio National Guard Scholarship (ONGSP) Website
is NOW AVAILABLE at https://ongsp.ohio.gov

NEW APPLICATION PROCESS / applying & checking

Log in to the new Ohio National Guard Scholarship Website at https://ongsp.ohio.gov.
(You must use a Common Access Card (CAC) card to register and log on to the ONGSP Website. Ensure you have a functioning CAC reader for your home computer or access to a government computer to use the ONGSP Website.)

All current Ohio National Guard Members must initiate their profile on the ONGSP website by clicking the red Register button ( in the top right corner of the ONGSP.Ohio.gov home page)

Once you have updated your profile information, you may proceed to APPLY for the current term by clicking the APPLY NOW link. If you have already sent in a paper application for Fall 2015, you will be able to check your status after initiating your login.

The deadline for the Fall 2015 Term is 1 July 2015.

If you are no longer a member of the Ohio National Guard and are applying for scholarship benefits, you must register with the ONGSP office Toll Free at 1-888-400-6484 or afrika.k.alsup.nfg@mail.mil.

Help for CAC problems

ONGSP Benefits for

Members with 6-year enlistment

Members with prior service
and 3-year enlistment

Members without prior service
but with 3- year enlistment

Former Members of ONG

Educational Unit Chart



Please contact the ONGSP office Toll Free at 1-888-400-6484 or afrika.k.alsup.nfg@mail.mil if you experience any difficulties with the new application process.