Welcome to the Ohio National Guard Executive Board

Ohio National Guard Core Values: Integrity | Excellence | Reliability | Diversity and Inclusion | Global Teamwork | Trust

Charter of the Executive Board
Adopted on January 27, 2010 Amended September 27, 2012

ONG Strategy Map
October 3, 2012

ONG 2013 -2017
Strategic Plan


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ONG External Partner Guide, Adjutant General - Ohio Regulation 380-7
Nov. 4, 2014


The Ohio National Guard Executive Board was formed in January of 2010 to bring a formalized management structure to the Ohio National Guard. The Executive Board is charged with the overall stewardship of the Ohio National Guard. By exploring various issues and assessing current processes and procedures, the executives create plans to enhance the Ohio National Guard's overall efficiency and effectiveness. Comprised of Ohio National Guard's top Air, Army and civilian leaders, the Executive Board is one of the first of its kind in the nation.

Membership of the Ohio National Guard Executive Board

• The Adjutant General – Chairman
• The Assistant Adjutant General – Air – Vice Chairman
• The Assistant Adjutant General – Army – Vice Chairman
• Deputy Assistant Adjutant General – Army
• Chief of Staff – Ohio Air National Guard
• Chief of Staff – Ohio Army National Guard
• Director, Installation Management and Resources – Civilian
• Vice Chief of the Joint Staff – Civilian
• Director of Joint Staff
• Director of Air Staff
• Wing Commander
• United States Property and Fiscal Officer
• Human Resource Officer
• State Command Chief Master Sergeant
• State Command Sergeant Major

Current Executive Board Membership (as of 4-1-14)