Ohio National Guard Community Relations

Support to organizations and special events

The Ohio National Guard is a proud member of communities throughout Ohio in which our Soldiers and Airmen serve.
Through an active community relations program, the Ohio National Guard demonstrates it is a good neighbor and community
partner by providing support in four basic areas: Non-Aviation, Military Aerial, Air Force Fly Overs, and Speaker Requests.
(see outline below)

Note that most support requests require a minimum of 90 days prior to the event (unless stated specifically) to be reviewed,
validated and considered for support. Requests received fewer than 90 days are unlikely to receive support.

The Ohio National Guard will make every effort to provide support for all events, but event organizers should be aware that support
may not be available for military mission requirements may prevent the Ohio National Guard from supporting specific events and that
there are a number of state and federal restrictions on how the Ohio National Guard can support organizations and events.

The Ohio National Guard Public Affairs Office receives, reviews, and validates all support requests for their legal propriety.


For Ohio National Guard Forces, Troops, Army Band, Color/Honor Guards and/or Exhibit/Equipment participation for your public event.

For helicoptor static displays or military aerial demonstration teams (Army Golden Knights or US AIr Force Thunder Birds) for your event.

The United States Air Force is the approval authority for all flyover requests. Click here for complete request procedures and information about their Aerial Events Support Program website that provides for military and non-military requestors and allows the user to view eligible events. Speakers from the Ohio National Guard are available to speak at schools, service clubs or civic events for organizations that do not limit attendance and/or membership on the grounds of race, religion, creed, color or ethnic background.

More about Bands
NGOH 2536-E Form
Please complete, mail or fax to:
614-336-7410 Attn: Bill Pierce

Submission Directions
DD 2535 Form

Submission Directions

Speaker Request Form

submit to: ong.outreach@ng.army.mil

Direct support questions to ng.oh.oharng.mbx.pao-buckeye-guard@mail.mil or call 614-336-4499.